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Confidentiality in Seychelles

Confidentiality is the hallmark of the Seychelles and it is maintained through a series of robust legislative measures, providing investors with peace of mind.  It is prohibited to disclose or produce any information or document, except under an injunction of the Seychelles Supreme Court on application made by the Seychelles Attorney General.  Even then, the disclosure shall be allowed only insofar that it is the purpose of an inquiry or trial into or relating to the trafficking of narcotics and dangerous drugs, arms trafficking or money laundering, in compliance to the international and bilateral commitments entered into by the Seychelles.

Confidentiality is one of the key features of the Seychelles International Business Company as details of the company’s beneficial owners, directors and shareholders are NOT part of public record. At registration of a new IBC, the Registrar of Companies does not require any data whatsoever on who is the actual beneficial owner of the new company. This information is only known to the licensed Registered Agent of the company and is kept in complete confidentiality. The internal corporate files of the IBC, like the Register of Members, Register of Directors and all Minutes and Resolutions, are kept at the offices of the Registered Agent and are also confidential.

The only documents of a Seychelles IBC that are held on public record are the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association. These documents do not contain any indication as to the actual shareholders or the beneficial owners of the company.

Because the Republic of Seychelles is an independent jurisdiction, it is not a signatory, nor constrained to any statutory exchange of information obligation to any overseas “principal”, or organisation.  Seychelles is not subject to the EU Savings Tax Directive, unlike some other offshore financial centres, which are related to the EU member states (primarily, to the UK and its overseas territories), giving the Seychelles the edge as a choice of jurisdiction in tax planning structures.

Seychelles has avoided entering any information-sharing agreements with foreign countries or organisations for exchange of financial aid. Client confidentiality is robustly enshrined in the Seychelles corporate and business legislation. Offshore financial services sector contributes significantly to the country`s Gross Domestic Product. There is therefore an inherent interest with the government and with the general public to maintain and develop the country`s status as a competitive offshore financial centre.

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