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"FBS KOTSOMITIS", operating since 1998, is a well-known and established international professional services network with officially licensed and regulated local member / partner firms. Contact us to start process by sending an email to or by using our contact form.

Seychelles Banking Services

Seychelles offers a confidential and secure banking environment. As of February 2012, Seychelles has six (6) Commercial banks, with branches of four foreign banks. All the commercial banks are regulated by the Central Bark in Victoria and are required to renew their licenses annually.

Spread over four decades, the banking sector in Seychelles has changed beyond recognition,from a small local set-up to fully-fledged highly sophisticated banking solutions as institutions have responded to the rapid development of the economy and espoused the drive to make Seychelles, one of the leading players in the Indian Ocean.  Today, Seychelles has a highly sophisticated banking system – all types of account are available including current, fixed deposits, call deposits, savings schemes, loan accounts, and all major credit cards are represented.

[Important note: We provide bank introduction – account opening services- not only to Seychelles companies or other Seychelles Legal Entities, but to ALL individuals and companies – entities of ALL nationalities and jurisdictions of valid legal ordinance.Subject to statutory Know-Your-Client and due diligence requrements, our group, may, in its capacity as official introducers of major banks provide bank introduction – bank account opening services- in Seychelles, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Luxembourg and Switzerland for individuals, companies, trusts, foundations and individuals irrespective of any nationality / jurisdiction.

Contact us for more information and guidance, giving full details of the individual or company (entity) applying for a bank account and/or your specific needs (whether bank account only or company “formation AND bank account services” are needed). Our Officers will then lead you through the entire procedure, in simple and clear terms.

Contact us in relation to combination services of “company + corporate + personal bank account”. Our Officers will then guide you through the entire procedure, step-by-step (with guidance, it is quite a simple process).  Debit and Credit cards also possible, subject to banking requirements.

Range of Services Provided:

  • Banking introductions to reputable banks in Seychelles, Malta, Cyprus, Luxembourg or Switzerland and other European countries;
  • Opening of corporate, personal, merchant and trust accounts;
  • Operation of bank accounts – provision of bank signatory(ies);
  • Arranging, handling and transferring Letters of Credit;
  • Arranging back-to-back and other credit facilities;
  • Assistance in application for credit and debit cards;
  • Assistance with application of on-line banking services;
  • Trading back-up

We can provide you with seamless and flawless Banking Support Services. Simply fill in the contact box below or contact us by email on or by calling at +356 2338 1500

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