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Seychelles is a jurisdiction with
an Exceptionally Advantageous Tax Regime

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Seychelles People- Facts

After being settled by the French and the British, the Seychelles became an independent republic in 1976. The Seychelles culture is a mixture of French and African (Creole) influences. Key statistices as follows:

Nationality  Noun & Adjective Seychellois
Population (2010)  89,000 est.
Annual Growth Rate  0.945%
Ethnic Groups mixed French, African, Indian, Chinese, and Arab

Education  School Life Expectancy- 15 years
Literacy- 91.8%
Health  Infant Mortality 11.66/1,000
Life Expectancy 69 yrs. males, 78 yrs. females


Creole 91.8%, English (official) 4.9%, other 3.1%, unspecified 0.2% (2002 census)


Roman Catholic 82.3%, Protestant 7.5% (Anglican 6.4%, Seventh-Day Adventist 1.1%), other Christian 3.4%, Hindu 2.1%, Muslim 1.1%, other non-Christian 1.5%, unspecified 1.5%, none 0.6% (2002 census)

Major cities

VICTORIA (capital) 26,000 (2009)





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